Castle of Black Iron黑铁之堡

2055 Chapters
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2055 Chapters · 11 Readers
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Author:Zui Hu

Novel Summary

After the Catastrophe, every rule in the world was rewritten. In the Age of Black Iron, steel, iron, steam engines and fighting force became the crux in which human beings depended on to survive. A commoner boy by the name Zhang Tie was selected by the gods of fortune and was gifted a small tree which could constantly produce various marvelous fruits. At the same time, Zhang Tie was thrown into the flames of war, a three-hundred-year war between the humans and monsters on the vacant continent. Using crystals to tap into the potentials of the human body, one must cultivate to become stronger. The thrilling legends of mysterious clans, secrets of Oriental fantasies, numerous treasures and legacies in the underground world — All in the Castle of Black Iron!


TitleCastle of Black Iron
Raw Title黑铁之堡
Addition DateNovember 12, 2022
AuthorZui Hu
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TagsArmy Building,Artifacts,Character Growth,Cosmic Wars,Cultivation,Cunning Protagonist,Death of Loved Ones,Demons,Depictions of Cruelty,Determined Protagonist,Evil Gods,Fellatio,First-time Intercourse,Game Elements,Handsome Male Lead,Hard-Working Protagonist,Harem-seeking Protagonist,Hot-blooded Protagonist,Imperial Harem,Kingdom Building,Love Interest Falls in Love First,Magic,Magical Space,Male Protagonist,Masturbation,Monsters,Naive Protagonist,Nationalism,Nobles,Perverted Protagonist,Politics,Polygamy,Poor to Rich,Post-apocalyptic,Pragmatic Protagonist,Pregnancy,Racism,Reverse Rape,Romantic Subplot,Shameless Protagonist,Time Skip,Weak to Strong