The Way of the Peasant Mother-in-law


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1850 Chapters · 13 Readers
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Zhulan travels through the female supporting role and counterattacks the farming text, achieving triple jump, getting married, having children, being a mother-in-law, focusing on the key points, and counter-attacking the evil mother-in-law in the text. Not to mention 26 changes to 36, there are six children, two daughters-in-law, several grandchildren, and a living husband. The emphasis is not the original, but the person who trapped her. Zhulan didn’t know until she became her original body that she was miserable by her two daughters-in-law. The eldest daughter-in-law had a loud voice and her own brain-enhancing function, and the little things changed her taste. The second daughter-in-law is timid and cowardly, and cries whenever she meets anyone, so she makes Zhulan an evil mother-in-law. Zhulan, “…It’s really hard to live these days.” Someone, “And me.” Zhu Lan, “Haha, you are the worst offender to cheat on me!” someone, “…”

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  • The Way of the Peasant Mother-in-law
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