Heavenly Divine Doctor: Abandoned Concubine


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2761 Chapters · 58 Readers
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He was the cold-blooded prince of the Jin country. Decisive and smart, he had looked down on the world with apathy and disdain. She was his Wang Fei, a person who had saved him in the past, but he wouldn’t even look at her. When the fire raged and death claimed her, it was only then that she realized her existence was nothing but a joke from the beginning. She opened her eyes once more after spending two years as a roaming, vengeful ghost. In this lifetime, Ye Zhen promises that she will be a different person. With a slight smile, she will ruthlessly trample on those who had schemed against her and lied until her demise! Most importantly, she would let him experience the pain of an unrequited love; the bitterness of seeking something you cannot obtain!


  • Heavenly Divine Doctor: Abandoned Concubine
  • 神医灵泉:贵女弃妃
Addition DateOctober 8, 2022
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TagsAcademy,Adopted Protagonist,Age Regression,Ancient China,Aristocracy,Arranged Marriage,Beautiful Female Lead,Betrayal,Bickering Couple,Black Belly,Bloodlines,Boss-Subordinate Relationship,Calm Protagonist,Character Growth,Clever Protagonist,Cold Love Interests,Cold Protagonist,Complex Family Relationships,Couple Growth,Cunning Protagonist,Depictions of Cruelty,Determined Protagonist,Devoted Love Interests,Doctors,Doting Older Siblings,Dragons,Early Romance,Famous Protagonist,Fearless Protagonist,Female Protagonist,First-time Intercourse,Handsome Male Lead,Hiding True Identity,Long Separations,Love Triangles,Magic,Male Yandere,Medical Knowledge,Misunderstandings,Naive Protagonist,Phoenixes,Power Couple,Reincarnation,Revenge,Reverse Harem,Royalty,Schemes And Conspiracies,Second Chance,Slow Romance,Special Abilities,Strength-based Social Hierarchy,Tragic Past,Transmigration,Twins,Unrequited Love