Champion’s Heart冠军之心

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1168 Chapters · 0 Readers
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Author:Lin Hai Ting Tao

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“Mr. Zhou, we noticed that you were involved in basketball, table tennis, badminton, go, checkers, backgammon, Chinese chess, chess, calligraphy and painting, guitar music, etc. as a child, does this mean even You didn’t choose football as your career. Can you achieve the success you have today in other fields?” “Well… Only in football do I have more than three minutes of heat.” “So the ones we listed before are just the products of your three-minute heat?” “Those are just my hobbies.” “What about football? Isn’t football your hobby?” “No, football is love!”


TitleChampion’s Heart
Raw Title冠军之心
Addition DateNovember 12, 2022
AuthorLin Hai Ting Tao
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TagsAggressive Characters,Arrogant Characters,Charismatic Protagonist,Comedic Undertone,Familial Love,Complex Family Relationships,Game Ranking System,Hard-Working Protagonist,Quirky Characters,Stubborn Protagonist