I, a Hundred Billion Boss, Signed in the City for Eight Years!


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1075 Chapters · 78 Readers
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Ye Xuan crossed into a newly born baby, and when he was being held by his nine sisters, he immediately turned on the [God-level sign-in system] [Hugged by the elder sister who is the vice president of the financial group, sign in and get RMB100000000] [Hugged by the second sister who is a rejuvenating sacred hand, sign in to gain god-level acupuncture skills] [Hugged by the third sister of the master of Chinese martial arts, sign in to gain a comprehensive physical strengthening] [Hugged by the fourth sister of the top female anchor of China, sign in and get a handsome face. ] ……. Sign in every day! Ye Xuan signed in for eight years in the city! On Ye Xuan’s eighth birthday, Jinling’s richest man led senior officials and dignitaries to visit. “Congratulations to Mr. Ye happy birthday!” A group of sisters looked at the dignitaries in front of them, “Who are you looking for?” “Ahem, they are here to find me.” Eight-year-old Ye Xuan jumped off the chair and slowly said…


  • I, a Hundred Billion Boss, Signed in the City for Eight Years!
  • 我,千亿大佬,都市签到八年!
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