Otherworld Management Manual


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400 Chapters · 41 Readers
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My name is Zhang Feng, and I accidentally crossed into the ignorant and backward world of cold weapons, but I didn’t panic at all, because I could travel freely between the two worlds. A bag of salt can be exchanged for a noble title, and a bag of sugar can be the richest man in the city! From the moment I came to the other world, I have been invincible. But I don’t have much ambition. I just want to grow fields in this remote town, be the city owner, find a beautiful city owner’s wife, and live a life without shame. But slowly, I found that the style of painting seems to be a little different—— How could he be three meters tall? Why is she so small? What the hell are her pointy ears and fluffy tail? I miss rua! How could she have wings? Can you really fly? A little envious.jpg … When my territory seems to be threatened by these “monsters”, I may not be their opponent, but I still don’t panic. because– Since I can’t beat them, let them join me! Find out about the safest, most harmonious, most prosperous, most delicious, most happy, most advanced and wealthiest city in the world!


  • Otherworld Management Manual
  • 异界经营手册
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