Doomsday Rebirth, The Female Partner Turns Over


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481 Chapters · 19 Readers
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The parents died tragically, the fiancé betrayed, the only elder brother’s ability was abolished, Fang Yuxin fell from the top white rich beauty to hard-working cannon fodder! Accidentally reborn and returning to the front of the apocalypse did Yu Xin know that the illegitimate female sister who hated her to the bone turned out to be a transmigration girl! And the emerald bracelet that was snatched by the transmigration girl in her previous life turned out to be the spiritual space of a cultivator! Morality is lost, and the best are gathered together. She not only has to deal with the time-travelling girl who carries the game upgrade system, but also has to deal with the ambitious man with the plane trader! etc! When did she have such a big son? PS: The female supporting role was reborn and returned to the end of the world, and the best in wisdom and fighting went through the female. The YY Shuangwen of the best upgrade to raise buns, the heroine is not cheap, not the mother, not selfish and cold-blooded, and transmits positive energy.


  • Doomsday Rebirth, The Female Partner Turns Over
  • 末世重生女配翻身
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