People In Pirates Start with a God-level Selection System


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Brief introduction: Bai Yu traveled to the world of One Piece and became Anilu, a man with the ability of the Thunder Fruit. Just at this time, the plot of the sky island unfolded, and Luffy came to the door. Just when Bai Yu was about to escape, the selection system was turned on: [Faced with the attack of the Straw Hat Pirates, choose to appear! 】 [1. Choose to lead all subordinates to surrender to Luffy, express sincerity with Sandora’s golden hands, beg to join the Straw Hat Pirates, and hug the protagonist’s thighs. Reward: One of the six naval styles, iron block, won the title of “Destiny Dog’s Leg”. 】 [Second, choose to escape from the empty island in vain, give up the kingdom of God that has been in operation for many years, give up gold and the motto of the Ark, and avoid conflict with the Straw Hat Pirates. Reward: Physique Enhancer*3, get the title of “Coward from the Heart”. 】 [Three, choose to lead the men and the Straw Hat Pirates to be tough, defeat or force the Straw Hat Pirates back, and maintain the dictatorship of God in the sky island. Rewards: restore the strength of Anilu before (this item can be overdrawn in advance), forge the body with lightning (with the breath of thunder), and obtain the unique title “Eternal Drop God”. 】 Does this still require a choice?


  • People In Pirates Start with a God-level Selection System
  • 人在海贼从神级选择系统开始
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