Super Farm System超级农场系统

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308 Chapters · 7 Readers
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Author:Dong Fang Jia Yi

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In the magical China, there are such a number of times to reject the special hiring of the world’s top hotels, and several times to reject the magical farmhouse music interviewed by international TV. The farmhouse is located in a remote corner of the city, where no one should be interested. There are parked one car after another in front of the door, the official bowl, the star song, everyone has to get off the queue ~ “Boss ~ another one ~” “Limit one per person!” “I am out ten Double the money!” “Do not sell!” With another rich second generation sighing out, all the queues in the queue are smiling in good faith~ another person rejected by Ye boss! “Ye Boss is really a strange person with principles and rules!” Ye Chen: With the farmhouse music system, upgrading and raising salary, welcoming Bai Fumei, embarking on the peak of life is not a dream! The system is now word: one of the two goods, the identification is completed! Everyone nodded…


TitleSuper Farm System
Raw Title超级农场系统
Addition DateNovember 22, 2022
AuthorDong Fang Jia Yi
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TagsArrogant Characters,Farming,System