The Lucky Bride Is Pretty And Delicate


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1001 Chapters · 18 Readers
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(The new book guides the way, reborn as an evil mother-in-law in the 1980s.) (Full text free) Liu Sanniang was reborn, thinking of the ending of her lonely life, why should she marry in this life. She is too soft and beautiful, and the person who proposed the marriage stepped over the threshold. It’s just that the scholar in Daliu Hutong can’t marry, and this person will be an ungrateful white-eyed wolf in the future. Neither did the businessman in Xiaoliu Hutong. He later became addicted to gambling and his family was ruined. After refusing several doors, her reputation with eyes above the top spread again… Liu Sanniang lost several laps in a hurry. At this time, Chu Yan, the iron striker, came to propose marriage! ! ! Liu Sanniang: … This person will become the famous general of King Dingbei in the future, but he, he is tall and powerful, she is a little afraid that he will be crushed to death by him! Chu Yan wrapped her in his arms and said in a low voice, “Don’t be afraid of me, I’m a wolf outside, but when I come back, I’m your dog and you are the master.” (Who dares to move his woman 1v1)


  • The Lucky Bride Is Pretty And Delicate
  • 福运娘子美又娇
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