Transmigrated As A Delicate Bundle Of Luck For A Farming Family穿成农门娇美小福包

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828 Chapters · 50 Readers
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Author:Fu Bai Ru Xue

Novel Summary

After Su Xiaolu died unexpectedly, the tire was punctured. As soon as she was born, her own mother, Zhao Shi, suffered heavy bleeding and lost her fertility. Grandma Wang Shi immediately shouted: “This is a broom star, I must throw it away, or your family will get out for me.” Father Su Saburo gritted his teeth: “Okay, the mother will split our family out.” When she was born, the family was separated. The eldest brother is an idiot, and the second brother also has his brain burned out. Fortunately, the third sister is still normal. The whole village thinks that the family can’t survive this winter, but they don’t know that Su Xiaolu has space in his hands. The whole family is nourished by spiritual springs every day. As for Su Xiaolu, he studied medicine with a teacher at the age of three, planted herbs in the space, and cured his eldest brother and second brother, Wu Zhuangyuan and Wen Zhuangyuan, and the third sister became a princess. And she, Su Xiaolu, is a famous doctor who moves the world. The person who wants to see her is either the queen mother or the general! The days are better, and the best relatives want to come to fight the autumn wind. Su Xiaolu smiled coldly, closed the door, and zoomed in on the tiger!


TitleTransmigrated As A Delicate Bundle Of Luck For A Farming Family
Raw Title穿成农门娇美小福包
Addition DateJune 12, 2022
AuthorFu Bai Ru Xue
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TagsLow-key Protagonist,Magical Space,Medical Knowledge,Time Skip,Female Protagonist