Taoist Huang Ting (Taoist Antecedent of the Yellow Court)黄庭道主

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811 Chapters · 6 Readers
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Author:Yao Seng Hua Wu Que

Novel Summary

This novel is also known as Taoist Antecedent of the Yellow CourtThe earth youth Lu Qingfeng died unexpectedly in a car accident, traveled to the world of Xianxia, and obtained the landing ring of the large-scale real online game “Huanghuang” developed by the Earth Federation two thousand years later…


TitleTaoist Huang Ting (Taoist Antecedent of the Yellow Court)
Raw Title黄庭道主
Addition DateNovember 26, 2022
AuthorYao Seng Hua Wu Que
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Monthly Rank#832
All Time Rank#1838
TagsAppearance Different from Actual Age,Artifact Crafting,Artifacts,Clones,Cultivation,Demonic Cultivation Technique,Human-Nonhuman Relationship,Multiple Identities,Mythology,Protagonist with Multiple Bodies,Reincarnated in Another World,Sect Development