The Witcher Loads the Thriller Game


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293 Chapters · 6 Readers
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Traveling through the wizarding world, it took Wang Ya a hundred years to become an official wizard! He was dissecting the first-level transcendent creature Earth Cave Dragon in the laboratory, and was suddenly pulled into a space called Thriller Game by an inexplicable force. “People from all over the world are randomly selected to experience a terrifying and terrifying world!” Wang Ya looked strange: “I have traveled from this world to the wizarding world, how can I still find me” In the first world, facing the three-meter monster spliced ​​by various human limbs, one by one players fled in despair, and Wang Ya raised a smile on his mouth. “It seems very interesting, this game, this little cutie just happens to be a specimen in my laboratory.” Player a: “Why can he face the monster without changing his face!” Player b: “He is the real monster, he actually dissected the monster!” Player c: “What kind of abnormality, the monster limbs are stitched on the human body!” Wang Ya: “Do you want to become stronger? Mechanical transformation, body stitching, soul embedding, all three ways are okay.. As long as 998…no discount!.”


  • The Witcher Loads the Thriller Game
  • 巫师加载了惊悚游戏
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