The Witcher Loads the Thriller Game巫师加载了惊悚游戏

293 Chapters
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293 Chapters · 4 Readers
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Author:He Da Guan Ren A

Novel Summary

Traveling through the wizarding world, it took Wang Ya a hundred years to become an official wizard! He was dissecting the first-level transcendent creature Earth Cave Dragon in the laboratory, and was suddenly pulled into a space called Thriller Game by an inexplicable force. “People from all over the world are randomly selected to experience a terrifying and terrifying world!” Wang Ya looked strange: “I have traveled from this world to the wizarding world, how can I still find me” In the first world, facing the three-meter monster spliced ​​by various human limbs, one by one players fled in despair, and Wang Ya raised a smile on his mouth. “It seems very interesting, this game, this little cutie just happens to be a specimen in my laboratory.” Player a: “Why can he face the monster without changing his face!” Player b: “He is the real monster, he actually dissected the monster!” Player c: “What kind of abnormality, the monster limbs are stitched on the human body!” Wang Ya: “Do you want to become stronger? Mechanical transformation, body stitching, soul embedding, all three ways are okay.. As long as 998…no discount!.”


TitleThe Witcher Loads the Thriller Game
Raw Title巫师加载了惊悚游戏
Addition DateNovember 27, 2022
AuthorHe Da Guan Ren A
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TagsApathetic Protagonist,Artificial Intelligence,Cold Protagonist,Cruel Characters,Human Experimentation,Male Protagonist,Protagonist Strong from the Start,Racism,Selfish Protagonist,Strong to Stronger,Transmigration,Wizards