Return back into the Novel as the Antagonistic Playboy


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385 Chapters · 10 Readers
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A certain writer is reborn in a bad and vulgar way, but he is not reborn in the past or in a parallel world, but in the world of the novel he wrote! What makes him blue skinny mushrooms most is that the reborn character turned out to be the villain boy brother who was abused to the death in the novel! In order to survive a few more chapters, the most enchanting villain has to complete the most coquettish counterattack step by step under the guidance of the most cheating system! “Ding, release the main mission: Destroy the heroine. Note: In view of the character’s physical defects, we sponsor a bottle of blue tonic, and you will be surprised if you open the lid.” “…………” [PS1: This book is also known as: the self-cultivation of the villain] [PS2: Old cat, I’m back! 】


  • Return back into the Novel as the Antagonistic Playboy
  • 重生小说反派公子哥
Addition DateNovember 27, 2022
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