Making a super beast armed game, the anchors are crazy


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443 Chapters · 13 Readers
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Author:Tu Tu Jiang A

Novel Summary

Ye Tian traveled to a planet with extremely developed VR holographic technology, and ended up becoming the owner of a bare-bones game company in the beginning. At this moment, a god-level game production system is bound! Ye Tian directly produced the super beast armament, the gameplay of the era, shocked the world! When everything about 100,000 years ago was exposed, the world was shocked! Dai Xiaomei: "You tell me this is a villain? It's too attractive!" Zhou Shufen: "Surprised, you thought Super Beast Armor was an action game, but it turned out to be a philosophical game?" Saozhu: "This game is cheating, a hundred thousand years of reincarnation, my brain is going to burn out!" Teacher Ma: "They're so stupid, I can't even beat them, I can't even talk about them!" All the streamers and players from around the world are crazy about it!


TitleMaking a super beast armed game, the anchors are crazy
Raw Title制作超兽武装游戏,主播们玩疯了
Addition DateJuly 29, 2023
AuthorTu Tu Jiang A
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TagsBusiness Management,Businessmen,Game Elements,Male Protagonist,Transmigration,Virtual Reality