Rebirth of Conan as a Detective


1234 Chapters
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1234 Chapters · 5 Readers
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Author:Mao Se

Novel Summary

Gao Sung was reborn in the world of Conan and became a confused detective. A detective agency inherited from his grandfather was facing closure. After binding the detective card system, in order to revitalize the detective agency to become the world’s number one detective, he began to work hard in Tokyo… … This is a story of a detective agency in Conan World with a wooden sword Toyako… “Excluding all the impossible, the remaining one is a fact even if it is unthinkable.” Kosei Joto, a modern left-character detective, a genius in kendo with a silver soul, full of talent in kendo, but a reasoning idiot. In order to become a true detective, I have to work harder… (No one can guess the heroine)


TitleRebirth of Conan as a Detective
Raw Title重生柯南当侦探
Addition DateNovember 27, 2022
AuthorMao Se
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TagsFanfiction,Game Ranking System,Hidden Abilities,Jack of All Trades,Living Alone,Loner Protagonist,Special Abilities,Sword Wielder,Transmigration