I am writing a diary in Douluo, and Huo Gua is actually me


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349 Chapters · 27 Readers
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Author:Shan Yuan y

Novel Summary

Travel across Douluo Continent and become Huo Yuhao. You can become stronger by writing a diary every day. Set a small goal, and be steady and low-key before you can overturn the divine world. But as he kept writing, Huo Yuhao found that each and every one of the female characters seemed to be amiss, making it impossible for him to develop in an obscene way. Senior sister Zhang Lexuan defected from Shrek Academy and came to the Sun and Moon Royal Soul Engineer Academy to be her teacher. The Ice Emperor and the Snow Emperor competed to be their second martial soul. The sleeping Silver Dragon King revived early and came to the door with the auspicious beast. Is there something wrong with them, or is there something wrong with me? Wang Dong'er: "Dong'er is Dong'er, not Tang Wutong! Tang San, this sword is called Frostmourne, and it was made specially for me by Yu Hao! He said it's ready!" Snow Emperor: "Yu Hao, compared to the Lolita Ice Emperor, I am obviously more suitable to be your second martial spirit!" Gu Yuena: "Human, I remember clearly that you said you liked Bai Mao before!"


TitleI am writing a diary in Douluo, and Huo Gua is actually me
Raw Title人在斗罗写日记,霍挂竟是我自己
Addition DateJanuary 9, 2024
AuthorShan Yuan y
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TagsBlack Belly,Genius Protagonist,Male Protagonist,Special Abilities,Transmigration,Douluo Dalu