Entertainment World: The Wild God of Gourmet娱乐之荒野食神

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689 Chapters · 1 Readers
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Author:Xiang Rui Yu Mei

Novel Summary

Leaving the electrical capital of automation, away from the bustling city filled with smog, he wants to travel the world, go to isolated islands, swamps, mountains, rainforests…challenge the most exciting adventures and find the most primitive food! The king crab grilled with fragrant sea lobster, the golden matsutake mushrooms and chicken fir mushrooms, the hump and bear paws braised in oil, fresh and delicious truffles and caviar on the lotus leaf plate. Flying in the sky, running on the ground, swimming in the water, drilling in the ground, in Chen Ergou’s eyes are all super delicious. Wilderness, hunting, adventure, food, stars, treasure hunting…


TitleEntertainment World: The Wild God of Gourmet
Raw Title娱乐之荒野食神
Addition DateNovember 30, 2022
AuthorXiang Rui Yu Mei
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TagsCharming Protagonist,Cooking,Jack of All Trades,Male Protagonist,Survival,System Administrator