Fantasy: My Ancestors Are Super Invincible玄幻:我家老祖超无敌

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754 Chapters · 6 Readers
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Author:Rong Bi Jiang Shan

Novel Summary

This is a world of source spirits, and it is also a world where the human race is withering. Ten thousand races are suppressed. What is the future of the human race? Wang Zhan traveled through the Yuanling Continent and became the ancestor of the Wang family, awakening the Yuanling Summoning System, the old jifu, and his ambitions for a thousand miles. The arrogance of all races is oppressed, and the arrogance of the human race, Ying Zheng, Liu Che, Li Shimin, etc., are struggling to move forward, just to protect the human race forever! On that day, Wang Zhan, with a full head of hair, came out from the rear and declared to all the tribes: I am the guardian of the arrogance of the human race, who dares to deceive me the arrogance of the human race? Bullying my people? ………… The eldest son Wang Teng: “My human race has a guardian called Wang Zhan? It’s the same name as our father!” Grandson Wang Hao: “Dad, no doubt, that’s Grandpa! I’m familiar with him!” Queen Sun Ruoshu: “My grandfather is super invincible!”


TitleFantasy: My Ancestors Are Super Invincible
Raw Title玄幻:我家老祖超无敌
Addition DateNovember 30, 2022
AuthorRong Bi Jiang Shan
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TagsMale Protagonist,Mysterious Family Background,Overpowered Protagonist,System