Douluo’s Stealing the Ten Thousand Realms System


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639 Chapters · 71 Readers
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Tang San: Thief, return my Eight Spider Lances! Return my fairy grass! Why can’t my Blue Silver Grass awaken as the Blue Silver Emperor? Xiao Yan: Which thief stole my strange fire! Castan: Who stole Feiyan’s heart? I am pleased in every way, but she is indifferent! Tian Yan: Father, when will you come back to see me and mother again! Li Xingyun: Shouldn’t the empress like me? Two pillars: Return my Nissan’s writing wheel! … A certain Blue Star animal, by chance, crossed to the Douluo Continent, bound to steal the system! From then on, not only the treasures of the heavens and the world, and the techniques… let him steal it! You can also travel through the heavens.


  • Douluo’s Stealing the Ten Thousand Realms System
  • 斗罗之偷取万界系统
Addition DateSeptember 17, 2022
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