Godly Hunter超神猎人

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948 Chapters · 20 Readers
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Author:Bu Shi Fu Yun

Novel Summary

With the sudden announcement of the launch of the holographic virtual network, Chen Mo, a hacker, received a special commission to hack this system in a bid to halt advancement. To complete his task, he enters GENESIS – the holographic virtual game touted as the most secure – to look for a way to hack it. In his search, he inevitably becomes a terrifying force to behold.


TitleGodly Hunter
Raw Title超神猎人
Addition DateNovember 30, 2022
AuthorBu Shi Fu Yun
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TagsAliens,Angels,Archery,Arrogant Characters,Blackmail,Clever Protagonist,Cunning Protagonist,Doting Older Siblings,Game Ranking System,Guilds,Hackers,Harem-seeking Protagonist,Hunters,Level System,Male Protagonist,MMORPG,Modern Day,Monster Tamer,Mutated Creatures,Perverted Protagonist,Pets,R-18,Ruthless Protagonist,Schemes And Conspiracies,Selfish Protagonist,Skill Books,Slave Harem,Virtual Reality,Younger Sisters