Beast Studio猛兽直播间

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924 Chapters · 5 Readers
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Author:Liao Bu Shi

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Have a kiss with King Cobra. And the Komodo dragon blowing the Pacific ocean breeze. Sitting on the African Nile crocodile to a rafting on the Nile River. Take a walk with an African male lion. … For global beast information, please pay attention to the beast live broadcast room. Liu Wei takes you up close to global beasts. (This work is purely fictional, please read it as a novel, not as a scientific material!)


TitleBeast Studio
Raw Title猛兽直播间
Addition DateNovember 30, 2022
AuthorLiao Bu Shi
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TagsAdventurers,Animal Rearing,Clever Protagonist,Game Elements,Handsome Male Lead,Shameless Protagonist,System Administrator