Godly System: Evolve From a Kitten


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1520 Chapters · 26 Readers
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Author:Zhun Ti Ye Shi Fo Zu

Novel Summary

Ding, you have eaten a piece of rotten flesh, evolution point +1! Ding, you ate half a piece of mouse meat, evolution point +1! Ding, you killed a wild dog, evolution point +10! Ding, you comprehend the Xiaoyue Code by yourself, and you will be rewarded with 25 evolution points! When he wakes up, he regenerates a kitten and binds to the god-level evolution system. In this age of fighting for survival, he fights monsters, eats and can evolve. What are you doing so hard practicing every day? Go hunting and have a meal with me! what? Are you trying to understand martial arts? Then when I sleep, I will come to play with you again! The system is in hand, I have the world! Don’t think it’s a cat, you can bully me, the world will tremble at my feet! Don’t call me a pill emperor, I just play with alchemy, I am omnipotent and proficient in everything!


TitleGodly System: Evolve From a Kitten
Raw Title神级系统从小猫开始进化
Addition DateOctober 14, 2022
AuthorZhun Ti Ye Shi Fo Zu
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All Time Rank#957
TagsCautious Protagonist,Demons,Evolution,Game Elements,Harem-seeking Protagonist,Human-Nonhuman Relationship,Modern Day,Monsters,Non-humanoid Protagonist,Shameless Protagonist,System,Transported to Another World