I Have An Impenetrable Fortress


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3387 Chapters · 60 Readers
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Author:Ba Yue Fei Ying

Novel Summary

Zhang Dongyun passed through with an invincible city system. As the city owner, as long as he is within the range of Invincible City, he is invincible. No existence can harm Zhang Dongyun, and he can dominate the life and death of all the creatures in the city. Moreover, the city will continue to upgrade and expand. One city covers one country, one city encompasses one world, until one city encompasses all heavens and all worlds… From then on, this world ushered in its own sole supreme, supreme ruler, the father of all people, forever God.


TitleI Have An Impenetrable Fortress
Raw Title我有一座无敌城
Addition DateDecember 1, 2022
AuthorBa Yue Fei Ying
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TagsAdventurers,Army Building,Artifacts,Body Tempering,Fast Cultivation,Game Elements,Game Ranking System,God Protagonist,Kingdom Building,Loyal Subordinates,Martial Spirits,Overpowered Protagonist,Protagonist Strong from the Start,Reincarnated in Another World,Strong to Stronger,System,Transmigration,Transplanted Memories,Unique Cultivation Technique