The Most Powerful Emperor System in History史上最牛帝皇系统

2391 Chapters
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2391 Chapters · 8 Readers
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Author:Xin Zai Fei Yang

Novel Summary

Cross over to become a puppet emperor? It doesn’t matter, I have the emperor summoning system! Do you have the power to conspiracy? I have the poison Jia Xu playing you to death! Do you have a dynasty and generals unparalleled in the world? I have a murderous god, Han Xin, a soldier, and Zhuge Liang, come on, I will let you play with you again for 300 rounds!


TitleThe Most Powerful Emperor System in History
Raw Title史上最牛帝皇系统
Addition DateSeptember 20, 2022
AuthorXin Zai Fei Yang
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TagsArmy Building,Bullying,Cultivation,Game Elements,God Protagonist,Harem-seeking Protagonist,Kingdom Building,Level System,Polygamy,Sect Development,System