Blessed To Have Each Other In This Life (Mu Shao, Your Wife Is Born Again)慕少,你老婆又重生了

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1713 Chapters · 5 Readers
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Author:Hua Hua Liao

Novel Summary

This novel is also known as Mu Shao, Your Wife Is Born AgainShe stayed on the river bank for three days and nights, but it was not her husband who came to collect the corpse. Seeing the man kiss her swollen and decaying corpse, her heart was shaken, and she secretly promised: If she can be reborn, she will marry him! …Later, she was really born again, but became his “sister”! Murong Cheng said: “If you dare to show me any more, I don’t mind going out of my way, and the corpse bridal chamber.” She wants to cry without tears, my brother! Are you abnormal long ago? ! Pseudo siblings are not related by blood! Easy and funny, sweet and refreshing, you can read with confidence.


TitleBlessed To Have Each Other In This Life (Mu Shao, Your Wife Is Born Again)
Raw Title慕少,你老婆又重生了
Addition DateDecember 1, 2022
AuthorHua Hua Liao
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TagsFemale Protagonist,Handsome Male Lead,Second Chance