You Are My Only Sunshine


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1728 Chapters · 10 Readers
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In his previous life, he donated his living heart to her, just to let her live a few more years! After being born again, she will still be his wife. At the first meeting, she announced affectionately, “I am your future wife.” A fiancee fell from the sky, Hao Xiansen said: Don’t do it for nothing! Spoil her if you want it! Two people who have only met for the first time in this life have since started the dog abuse mode that you love my pet. Hao Xiansen buys what Mrs. Hao wants! Mrs. Hao was bullied, Hao Xiansen went directly! Mrs. Hao wanted to make money, and Hao Xiansen offered hundreds of billions of property with both hands! Mrs. Hao wanted to marry him, but Hao Xiansen said no, “Because I want to marry you more!” ################ Mrs. Hao said in this life: “My heart belongs to you in this life. If I change my heart, please kill me.” Hao Xiansen said in his life: “I will give you what you want, even if you want to destroy the world.” (1 to 1, super favorite~)


  • You Are My Only Sunshine
  • 你是世界唯一的光芒
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