Call of Eschatology末世召唤狂潮

1734 Chapters
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1734 Chapters · 8 Readers
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Author:Hei Xin De Da Bai

Novel Summary

When the blood moon is empty, the demon world invades. In this world where people kill, people eat, and even people are not people, killing is my self-protection method, indifference is my strongest armor, and strength is the only guarantee for my survival! On the majestic earth, hunt for domineering monsters, experience dark hearts, experience the most desperate wars, and search for insignificant light and hope! This is a generation of heroes, this is a cruel and horrible story, this is a contest where no hope can be seen.


TitleCall of Eschatology
Raw Title末世召唤狂潮
Addition DateDecember 2, 2022
AuthorHei Xin De Da Bai
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TagsAccelerated Growth,Antihero Protagonist,Apocalypse,Beast Companions,Demons,Gate to Another World,Level System,Male Protagonist,Monster Tamer,Mutated Creatures,Post-apocalyptic,Summoning Magic,System