Marvel With Zanpakuto


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2107 Chapters · 15 Readers
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Author:Ba Ri Chan Ming

Novel Summary

To rebuild death god’s glory, was our obligation! At the start of the story, he and his zanpakuto had to fight for his own territory! The Lord of Hell, Mephisto? Playing with people’s hearts, you might need to learn more from me! Necromancer? Let me test the might of Ryūjin Jakka! Iron Man, Tony Stark? Come, come, it just happened that I am in need of technical support in the Technological Development Department! … Lod, who inherited the will of Soul King, crossed into Marvel World and decided to become the biggest behind-the-scenes manipulator! When Lod ruled the three major organizations of the Wandenreich, Las Noches, and Seireitei, and looking at the entire universe, he could not help but sigh with emotion: In fact, at the beginning, I just wanted to live!


TitleMarvel With Zanpakuto
Raw Title美漫之开局一把斩魄刀
Addition DateJuly 7, 2022
AuthorBa Ri Chan Ming
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TagsActing,Antihero Protagonist,Army,Army Building,Cosmic Wars,Fanfiction,Gate to Another World,Godly Powers,Hiding True Abilities,Hiding True Identity,Loyal Subordinates,Male Protagonist,Misunderstandings,Multiple Identities,Overpowered Protagonist,Reincarnated in Another World,Reincarnation,Schemes And Conspiracies,Spatial Manipulation,System,Transported to Another World