Rise of the Empire Total War


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585 Chapters · 19 Readers
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Author:Lei Qu.

Novel Summary

The country was destroyed and the family was destroyed, and the ancestors’ inheritance was seized by the rebels. By chance, the college student of the 21st century is the prince Richard. traversed with him, and there was a mysterious total war system. Let’s see how Richard used the total war system to make the eagle flag of the Holy Roman Empire and the iris flag of the Stuart dynasty famous in this world…


TitleRise of the Empire Total War
Raw Title帝国崛起全面战争
Addition DateDecember 3, 2022
AuthorLei Qu.
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TagsArmy Building,Cosmic Wars,European Ambience,Firearms,Game Ranking System,Harem-seeking Protagonist,Kingdom Building,Kingdoms,Knights,Modern Knowledge,Nobles,Schemes And Conspiracies,Sex Slaves,Summoning Magic,Transmigration,Transported into a Game World