The Original Vampire


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760 Chapters · 91 Readers
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Photophobia, bloodthirsty, immortality… Colin, who passed through, found that he seemed to be in line with the characteristics of the vampires. But the problem is, there is no record of vampires in this world! Am I the first vampire in this world? There is no predecessor’s guidance, and there is no system to help. To clarify the setting of kinship in this world, Colin had to treat himself as an experimental subject. [Under direct sunlight, the strength is reduced by about 30%], [The throat, heart, and brain are no longer fatal weaknesses], [Ordinary food cannot satisfy hunger, only blood can restore physical strength]. Holy water…Huh? Who gave me holy water!


  • The Original Vampire
  • 最初的血族
Addition DateOctober 28, 2022
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