Mr. Zhou’s Little Cutie


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840 Chapters · 15 Readers
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Author:Tang Zhou

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The new book has been released “After being forced to become a boss, I just want to be a salted fish” [Sweet text + pet text + 1v1 + revenge + stripped vest + illogical] In the past, everyone said to Meng Yutang: My God! Where did the little angel come from, cute! When she smiles, the world lights up! Later, everyone said to Meng Yutang: We were wrong, we were wrong! What a cute little angel, this is a devil! Mr. Zhou slammed the table: Who said that! Spread rumors! What a devil! This is my little cutie! [Don’t be deceived by the title of the book, the heroine’s IQ online revenge is cool, and the heroine is infatuated and domineering to protect his wife. It’s not a loss to buy shares~]


TitleMr. Zhou’s Little Cutie
Raw Title周先生家的小可爱
Addition DateDecember 7, 2022
AuthorTang Zhou
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TagsFemale Protagonist