I Made Scientific Magic我打造了科学魔法

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524 Chapters · 19 Readers
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Author:Chun Ji Xiao Tian Shi

Novel Summary

Lynn traveled to a magical world similar to the European Middle Ages but possessing magical powers. Here, magic can affect and control elementary particles. So…a scientific theory is a magic formula! Wizards called spellcasters who are actually scientists, under the siege of the Holy See, struggled to explore the truth of the world, until the arrival of Lin En, which set off a renaissance of an alien version… (PS: The 2 million-word work “Hogwarts Bloodline Wizards” has already been completed, and the quality is guaranteed!)


TitleI Made Scientific Magic
Raw Title我打造了科学魔法
Addition DateDecember 7, 2022
AuthorChun Ji Xiao Tian Shi
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TagsAristocracy,Artificial Intelligence,Biochip,Comedic Undertone,Cosmic Wars,Cunning Protagonist,European Ambience,Magic,Male Protagonist,Medieval,Modern Knowledge,Nobles,Sword And Magic,Weak to Strong,Wizards