The Old Gods Are Whispering古神在低语

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414 Chapters · 8 Readers
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Author:Hai Tang Deng

Novel Summary

“Listen, the ancient gods are whispering, He said…they will return eventually!” According to legend, the rulers of this world should have been those ancient gods, and every death of them was a grand rebirth… Those who believe in the gods wake up the sleeping gods, light torches in the dark, and burn the world. My father disappeared because he was investigating the resurrection of a certain god, and his life and death are still unknown. I panicked, but not totally panicked. Because the resurrected god is me.


TitleThe Old Gods Are Whispering
Raw Title古神在低语
Addition DateDecember 7, 2022
AuthorHai Tang Deng
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TagsCalm Protagonist,Detectives,Evil Gods,God Protagonist,Godly Powers,Male Protagonist