The Lord’s Little Cutie Is the Old Ancestor


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1423 Chapters · 17 Readers
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Yanjia adopted a stupid girl, not only did not dislike it, but gave it to her every day. “Yan Chenxi is just a fool who came out of the orphanage and hasn’t read for a few days, she is nothing!” What kind of? Shadow Chief Executive Black Snake, is this vest great? “Sorry, I am the founder of Shadow!” After the unnamed heir to the great sacred words of the literary world for thousands of years, the dignified master of Chinese studies, is this vest so powerful? “Sorry, I’m the nameless deity!” “Stop talking, the six great families of the empire will call me an ancestor when they see me!” I saw that all the full-level gods, vests, group pets, and super powers all knelt down and shouted, “Old ancestors! Please love!” A certain big devil who lacks warmth sinks his eyes and hugs the cute little cutie in front of him, “Fuck me off, she is my little ancestor!”


  • The Lord’s Little Cutie Is the Old Ancestor
  • 枭爷的小可爱是老祖宗
Addition DateDecember 9, 2022
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TagsBeautiful Female Lead,Cute Protagonist,Female Protagonist,Handsome Male Lead,Hiding True Abilities,Protagonist Strong from the Start