Kiss Me Goodnight, Mrs. CEO


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1826 Chapters · 4 Readers
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Author:Dai Mi Er

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In the middle of the night, looking at the woman in his embrace, he smiled devilishly, “With your discontentment, do you want me to continue?” “Discontentment?” The woman almost choked, “Who says I’m discontented?” “You don’t have to be so reserved in front of me.” “Who says I’m being reserved?” She roared. “So, do you mean you are not reserved?” “…” The woman smiled cunningly, “That’s right, I’m discontented and who do you think causes this?” She thought of giving him a personal attack but never had she expected that she would get herself into trouble. “Since you are doubtful of my ability, looks like I’ll have to prove myself!” Without waiting for her reply, he went on top of her and satisfied her the whole night! - Description from Novelupdates


TitleKiss Me Goodnight, Mrs. CEO
Raw Title吻安,总裁夫人!
Addition DateDecember 9, 2022
AuthorDai Mi Er
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TagsFemale Protagonist,Modern Day