The Villains’ Pampering Is Too Great!反派们的团宠过于强大

309 Chapters
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309 Chapters · 16 Readers
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Author:Dan Shuang De Dan

Novel Summary

After the death of the war, she was reborn in the orphanage Lu Xiaocha. This is a peaceful world, with delicious food she has never seen before, no unfinished tasks and killings, and everything is so cute in her eyes. When the luxury cars came to the orphanage, she realized that her body was not an orphan, but a rich family. And she also has a super awesome father, a beautiful and beautiful mother, five older brothers and an uncle. How can the family’s names sound so familiar? Thinking about it, she read a novel in the last days, and her family seemed to be… all villains! Very good, she fell into the villain’s nest, but this nest is really fragrant, Lu Xiaocha, who protects her shortcoming, is waving her fist, hehe… I want everything from the Lu family, have you asked her fist? A certain man came over, “Chacha, you can take a break from me.” Lu Xiaocha, “Do you think I need it?” Someone is very thick-skinned, “Why don’t you need it? Isn’t it worth a knife?”


TitleThe Villains’ Pampering Is Too Great!
Raw Title反派们的团宠过于强大
Addition DateJune 29, 2022
AuthorDan Shuang De Dan
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TagsBeast Companions,Child Protagonist,Cute Protagonist,Doting Older Siblings,Doting Parents,Female Protagonist,Magic Beasts,Modern Day,Protagonist Strong from the Start,Revenge,Slow Romance,Special Abilities,Twins