I am a Primitive Man我是一个原始人

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1347 Chapters · 12 Readers
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Author:Mo Shou Bai

Novel Summary

The sky was washed like blue, the sun shone through the mountains and forests, and the whole world appeared quiet and peaceful, with a unique tranquility. Seeing that he was wearing a sexy tiger skin short skirt with a stick in his hand, with more than ten people yelling to chase the leader of the woolly rhinoceros, Han Cheng couldn’t help putting his slightly curled right hand to his slightly open mouth, once again He sighed: “My God!”


TitleI am a Primitive Man
Raw Title我是一个原始人
Addition DateDecember 11, 2022
AuthorMo Shou Bai
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TagsArmy Building,Cannibalism,Cooking,Farming,Kingdom Building,Male Protagonist,Modern Knowledge,Pets,Sex Slaves,Survival,Time Travel,Tribal Society,Cosmic Wars,Witches