Portable Space Can be Summoned随身空间能召唤

1484 Chapters
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1484 Chapters · 18 Readers
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Author:Gai Pang Jiu Pang

Novel Summary

When he woke up, Yang Yuan found himself reborn. When he was one year old, “Ah, not only rebirth, but also transmigration.” At the age of three, “Goldfinger is finally in place!” Portable space is handy. Fourteen years old, “What the hell is my golden finger?” Yang Yuan screamed in the sky… Thirty-year-old, Yang Yuan, who was hugging from left to right, stood on Emperor Tread Peak, pointing to the vast land, “This is the country that I have conquered!” Omg, golden fingers are so fragrant!


TitlePortable Space Can be Summoned
Raw Title随身空间能召唤
Addition DateApril 20, 2023
AuthorGai Pang Jiu Pang
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All Time Rank#2115
TagsAncient China,Army Building,Cheats,Farming,Industrialization,Kingdom Building,Loyal Subordinates,Magical Space,Male Protagonist,Modern Knowledge,Multiple POV,Politics,Poor to Rich,Racism,Schemes And Conspiracies,Slow Growth at Start,Summoned Hero,System,Transmigration,Wars