Young Master’s Favorite, Where is She Going?


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1456 Chapters · 11 Readers
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Author:Zhang Shu Wu Hua

Novel Summary

[Female lead cat demon, male lead cat slave] “Get down from me.” The man’s voice was somewhat helpless and forbearing. “I don’t.” The girl shook her head, tightly hugging the man under her with both hands. “Be obedient, I can’t sleep like you.” “I used to sleep on your body.” “That’s different…you are human now.” The master of the capital was accidentally rescued by a small milk cat. Since then, he has become a cat slave and fell to the jaws of a group of subordinates. However, when he woke up one day and found that the little milk cat in his arms had become a cute and cute little girl, the master was also dumbfounded. What is the situation? Of course it is to develop a mind; Ask what to do? Another way to continue pampering myself… “Master, it’s all circulating outside whether you have any special hobbies and why you pampered a cat so lawlessly.” The master said: “You know what a fart, that’s Laozi’s wife.”


TitleYoung Master’s Favorite, Where is She Going?
Raw Title君少心头宝,夫人哪里跑
Addition DateDecember 11, 2022
AuthorZhang Shu Wu Hua
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All Time Rank#1496
TagsFemale Protagonist,Handsome Male Lead,Human-Nonhuman Relationship,Non-humanoid Protagonist