Devilish Dream Boy Pampers Me to the Sky


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2371 Chapters · 5 Readers
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Author:Yun Qing

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Clearly it had been agreed on that I would be the one teasing instead of being teased! #Genius Medical Doctor Oppa pushes up his golden framed glasses : “I’ll take the responsibility for your body, you’ll take responsibility taking care of my heart.” #Cute Black Belly pet carrying her by the collar: “Save me? Save me to the end, then.” #The esports Male God smiled at her and licked his lips, chuckling softly: “I can pamper you, pamper you all the way up to heaven.” #System Cha Bai: Warm them up, reform them up, guide them all the way! Charge, Cici! After meeting the male god who can’t help but go on the route onto ruining his entire life… Weird. Cici, Good luck!: “Calm down, all of you calm down!”


TitleDevilish Dream Boy Pampers Me to the Sky
Raw Title快穿:鬼畜男神,宠上天!
Addition DateDecember 14, 2022
AuthorYun Qing
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TagsBeautiful Female Lead,Cute Protagonist,Devoted Love Interests,Doting Love Interests,Episodic,Female Protagonist,Futuristic Setting,Handsome Male Lead,Multiple Reincarnated Individuals,Multiple Transported Individuals,Possessive Characters,System,Transmigration,Wealthy Characters,World Hopping