Traversing Time and Space: Supporting Actress on a Mission, Keep Your Cool!


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5780 Chapters · 31 Readers
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She turned out to be a female partner, and she ended badly every time. Later, she realized that the wild system bound to her was mentally retarded. She would not give gift packages to novices or veterans, and she decided not to get rewards for completing the task. System: Warning! Please work hard, or you will be obliterated. Tang Guo: Dreaming. System: Host, please, don’t bully the hero and heroine anymore. Tang Guo: Impossible. System: I’m planning to do harm to the world, so I hope I can fly. Tang Guo: It’s okay to take the flight. You can find out the man’s information and give it to me. System: Hummm…good! Great, please wait a moment. [Female strong, 1v1]


  • Traversing Time and Space: Supporting Actress on a Mission, Keep Your Cool!
  • 快穿:女配,冷静点
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