Film and TV World Employment System影视世界雇佣系统

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421 Chapters · 2 Readers
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Author:Wang Gong Zi Zai Nian

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Gu Ren was reborn. Not only did he travel to 2013 with the system, he was surprised to find that the world seemed to be very different. John: “I want to know who killed my dog!” Guan Yuming: “I want to find the murderer of my daughter!” “…” In “The Expendables” he is the ace sniper; in “First Blood” he is the ruthless king of the jungle… The infinite world has too much helplessness, welcome to hire. My name is Gu Ren, benevolence and justice!


TitleFilm and TV World Employment System
Raw Title影视世界雇佣系统
Addition DateDecember 15, 2022
AuthorWang Gong Zi Zai Nian
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TagsActing,Fanfiction,Game Ranking System,Male Protagonist,Movies,Showbiz,Weak to Strong,World Hopping,World Travel