Let you make props, what the hell is this space elevator?


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583 Chapters · 59 Readers
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This article is also known as "Jiang Chen Leads the Vagrant Crew to Solve the Crisis" and "Make a movie, how did it become a promotional film?" " Jiang Chen traveled through parallel worlds and became a hard-working college student who wanted to complete a scientific research project. He was so worried that he had nowhere to start, but he unexpectedly met Guo Fan who came to collect his wool... The film crew had no money, and just wanted to find a cheap and professional prop guide, so Jiang Chen directly unlocked the film's black technology prop production system! [The robotic arm has been submitted! 】 [G3 escape airbag device has been submitted! 】 [The mechanical exoskeleton has been submitted! 】 ... [The space elevator has been submitted! 】 On the eve of the release, all departments of Dragon Kingdom appeared on the set of Wandering Earth. "You don't really want to blow up the moon, do you?" "This space elevator is good, can we go up and try it?" "Jiang Chen, restrain yourself a bit, we can't make it up any longer!" Facing the increasingly hard-core studio, Director Guo and Da Liu were stunned: "Let you make props, are you serious?" Jiang Chen shrugged: "Director Guo, it's you who said that the props must be real!"


  • Let you make props, what the hell is this space elevator?
  • 让你做道具,这太空电梯什么鬼?
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