The Fake Daughter Made a Sensation All Over the World By Relying on Metaphysics假千金靠玄学轰动全世界

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762 Chapters · 7 Readers
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Author:Hua Nuan Qing

Novel Summary

[full text overhead] Gu Muran, the former master of metaphysics, woke up and found that he had become the fake daughter of the Gu family. The Gu family couldn’t bear the thought of their own daughter marrying into the Qian family, so they thought of the adopted daughter they had abandoned before. The daughter of the Gu family had a physical problem. The Gu family believed that it was because of her adopted daughter’s fate that her daughter was hurt. The parents put their ideas on her again: “Since you and your sister’s kidneys are well matched, then give her one of yours, and she won’t die anyway.” Gu Muran: Auntie’s things are not something anyone can touch easily. In her previous life, her power of metaphysics was unrivaled in the world. She was once appointed as a national teacher to protect the common people of a country, and she was heard by the heavens. Even the emperor had to respect her when seeing her. How could she allow these messy people to jump around in front of her. … He is a revered god of medicine, with superb medical skills, it is difficult for a thousand dollars to make an appointment to seek medical consultation. No one knows the depth of her talent for magical calculations. She knows the destiny with one glance, and predicts fortune and evil with one word. later…… People: “Have you heard that there is a magician in Tianqiao?” Classmate: “Who said that, our school is really good at it.” Rich circle: “You are talking nonsense, the real magician is here.” God of Medicine: “Hold on to dissatisfaction, Mrs. Lu is the most powerful.” A certain woman smiled faintly: “Low-key, low-key, don’t fight, don’t grab, it’s all me.”


TitleThe Fake Daughter Made a Sensation All Over the World By Relying on Metaphysics
Raw Title假千金靠玄学轰动全世界
Addition DateDecember 15, 2022
AuthorHua Nuan Qing
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TagsFemale Protagonist