Altar of the Heavens of Harry Potter哈利波特之诸天祭坛

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Author:Cai Cha Shao Nian

Novel Summary

This is a story of a traverser learning magic in the Harry Potter world with golden fingers. “Big scoundrel, pay for my pen, and it is forbidden to call me breast name again.” Damenya girl wrote the channel resentfully. “Canaan, quickly get rid of your stinky mouse! Ravenclaw buckles very much!” The bat-like figure roared. Canaan shrugged and said with some helplessness. “Pikachu, come back soon, the professor is almost bald by you!”


TitleAltar of the Heavens of Harry Potter
Raw Title哈利波特之诸天祭坛
Addition DateDecember 16, 2022
AuthorCai Cha Shao Nian
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TagsMale Protagonist,Marvel,Harry Potter