Movie World I Am King


2345 Chapters
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2345 Chapters · 51 Readers
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Author:Wu Xian Tui Tu Ji

Novel Summary

Iron Man: I have a steel suit, and my IQ is super high. Zhou Ye: I slept with your wife… Spider-Man: I am genetically mutated and can walk on the ground between tall buildings. Zhou Ye: I slept with your girlfriend… Hulk: After I transform, I have a lot of strength, and I can jump high and jerk off. Zhou Ye: I slept with your girlfriend… Captain America: After I injected the serum, I became a super soldier. Zhou Ye: I slept with Agent Carter. ………… ………… The people said: Kill this shameless person. All in all, this is the story of a man who gains the ability to travel through a movie world and saves a woman…probably! …


TitleMovie World I Am King
Raw Title电影世界我为王
Addition DateSeptember 29, 2022
AuthorWu Xian Tui Tu Ji
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TagsBrother Complex,Fantasy World,Accelerated Growth,Adopted Children,Adultery,Aliens,Anal,Army Building,Arranged Marriage,Arrogant Characters,Artificial Intelligence,Based on a Movie,Beautiful Female Lead,Boss-Subordinate Relationship,Cheats,Comedic Undertone,Cosmic Wars,Cultivation,Cunning Protagonist,Dark,Discrimination,Enemies Become Lovers,Evil Gods,Famous Protagonist,Fanfiction,Fast Learner,Fellatio,Forced Marriage,Gate to Another World,Genetic Modifications,Genius Protagonist,God Protagonist,God-human Relationship,Goddesses,Godly Powers,Guardian Relationship,Handsome Male Lead,Harem-seeking Protagonist,Hiding True Abilities,Hiding True Identity,Human Experimentation,Humanoid Protagonist,Immortals,Imperial Harem,Incest,Interdimensional Travel,Low-key Protagonist,Loyal Subordinates,Lucky Protagonist,Magical Space,Male Protagonist,Mind Break,Mind Control,Modern Day,Movies,Multiple Identities,Multiple Realms,Multiple Timelines,Nationalism,Netori,Orgy,Outer Space,Overpowered Protagonist,Parent Complex,Perverted Protagonist,Playboys,Polygamy,Pregnancy,Protagonist Strong from the Start,R-15,R-18,Racism,Rape,Ruthless Protagonist,Sex Slaves,Sexual Cultivation Technique,Shameless Protagonist,Slave Harem,Spatial Manipulation,Special Abilities,Strong to Stronger,System,Time Manipulation,Time Skip,Transmigration,Underestimated Protagonist,World Hopping,World Travel,Marvel,Harry Potter