American Comics: The Strongest Villain美漫:最强反派(全本)

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874 Chapters · 14 Readers
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Author:Man Wei Wang Zhe

Novel Summary

“When you shoot at me, you lose.” The protagonist Su Sheng obtained the ability of “infinite copy” and “infinite superposition” of the top BUG disciples in the Marvel world, but unexpectedly came to the DC world. In this case, let’s be a free and loose villain. PS: Movie comic mix background


TitleAmerican Comics: The Strongest Villain
Raw Title美漫:最强反派(全本)
Addition DateDecember 16, 2022
AuthorMan Wei Wang Zhe
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Monthly Rank#600
All Time Rank#1058
TagsAbility Steal,Alternate World,Antihero Protagonist,Crossover,Easy Going Life,Evil Gods,Evil Protagonist,God Protagonist,Godly Powers,Harem-seeking Protagonist,Male Protagonist,Netori,Overpowered Protagonist,R-18,Rape,Rape Victim Becomes Lover,Ruthless Protagonist,Sex Slaves,Special Abilities,Protagonist Strong from the Start,Strong to Stronger,Time Travel