Behind The Scenes From Konoha


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500 Chapters · 10 Readers
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Want to see the pk of Samsara Eye Chakra Mode and Tenseigan Chakra Mode? Want to know what the chakra mode exclusive to the Nine Tailed Beast looks like? Want to know what abilities the seven chakra modes of wind, fire, thunder, water, soil, yin and yang have? Want to know how to create MUJI in batches? Want to know how to condense the spiral pills into a golden elixir for immortality for longevity? Do you want to see how the two-attribute blood follows the limit, the three-attribute blood follows the elimination, the four-attribute blood follows the boundary, the five-attribute blood follows the limit, the six-attribute blood follows the Daluo, and the seven-attribute blood follows the net? Everything is in “Beginning with Konoha Behind the Scenes” The black hand behind the scenes refers to the bad silver who hides behind the scenes to do bad things, so how to describe the good silver who hides behind the scenes to do things? Behind the scenes? Looking at those eyes full of resentment and hatred, Xuan Ding sighed: “Although I have done a lot of things that are not friendly to you, although I have cheated a lot of people, although… But I am really a good person, you have to believe me!” This book can also be called the king of soft rice in the heavens, self-cultivation behind the scenes, etc.


  • Behind The Scenes From Konoha
  • 始于木叶的幕后白手
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