Pirates: Swing a Knife and Become Stronger


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506 Chapters · 6 Readers
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Author:Shen Ji Chi Ji Gao Shou

Novel Summary

Bai Yu traveled to the world of One Piece and activated the strongest swordsman system at the beginning. No need to practice, swinging a knife will become stronger! Thus, Bai Yu started his daily routine of wielding a knife. Swing the knife 1000 times, and get the limit of physical strength – six styles. Swing the knife 2,000 times to obtain the powerful Qinglong Sword Intent. Swing the knife 3000 times, get three-color domineering. General Huang Yuan: Bai Yu is the strongest rookie I have ever seen. General Aokiji: My freezing ability was directly chopped into pieces by Bai Yu! General Red Dog: Dangerous! My marshal position is about to change! Hawkeye: Bai Yu is the number one swordsman in the world! Since then, the name of Bai Yu has resounded throughout the world of pirates.


TitlePirates: Swing a Knife and Become Stronger
Raw Title海贼:挥刀就变强
Addition DateDecember 22, 2022
AuthorShen Ji Chi Ji Gao Shou
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TagsMale Protagonist,One Piece